The refugee crisis

Recently we read this long, short story called «Ultimate Safari». It is about this South-African girl who is fleeing her home as a consequence of violent conflicts. Her mother goes missing, I assume she died, and a long journey through this place called Krueger park begins. This is a short story (which is very long by the way) about the life of a refugee running to safety after «bandits» raids their hometown, killing whoever gets in their way.

Refugees are a consequence of war, conflicts, and poor conditions. It is a sad reality that about 70.8 million people globally to this exact day find themselves running to an unknown location. Unsafe, hungry, scared, traumatized, hurt, fleeing that one place they called home. With grieve to those they have lost, exhausted feet after all those miles walking barefoot and all those stomachs untouched by food and clean water for too long.

My thoughts

It is a sad reality that this happens, and it is a sadder reality that will continue to increase every day. Global challenges like increased temperatures lead to drought, which means less food and lack of water. These poor conditions often lead to war and are a few of the common reasons behind refugees.

I think it is sad that so many have to leave their life and belongings behind to survive. That children are starving, families are dying and humans experience the trauma caused by war. I am thankful for the UN telling us about this crisis, even when it is little that we can do about it. As long as the temperatures rise the challenges will continue to increase. I feel like all we can do is to hold on to our hope. Hope for better days to come.

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