Have you ever heard the story about this man who laughed so hard he died? Me neither. However, my name is Rebekka and that’s right. It is spelled with the letter k, not c. Interesting right? Not really.

So I started this blog as a school project and chose to make it public just for the fun of it. It doesn’t mean the blog is going to be fun though. I envision that it is mostly going to consist of fact-based texts. That is to say, text who are relevant to the subject of international English and topics affecting the world, and perhaps a few books and/or film reports.

I would love for other students to learn from my blog and to others to might find it interesting or entertaining. I hope that by blogging successfully throughout the year I will accomplish to set a good example for those whom it is relevant and maybe help those who find it difficult to find inspiration for their own projects.

Picture: me (hi)

A few more facts about me before we start;

  • I am 18 years old
  • I have five siblings which makes pretty difficult to find peace and quiet, but I still love them (from time to time)
  • My English skills are average because of I’m originally from Norway
  • Last and not least I have too many animals

Enjoy. Subscribe and keep posted;)

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